2014 Jeep Compass shuts off and CEL comes on

Shutting off and engine light on, I have changed the battery and dry gas still not working. It normally shuts off after I have the car on but just park or stop for a while. Then I drive it again that’s when it stops. I have stopped in the middle of a highway. I have 3 kids with and 1 2yrs old. I feel so lost please someone from Jeep help or fix the problem? Before it actually kills someone and face a big law suit. Thank you
Myra A.

Have the codes read and post back here. We might be able to give you some ideas. Autozone and some of the other stores like them will read the code for free.

But, if you don’t have the tools and skills it is probably best to take it to a good independent mechanic (ask friends, check Yelp reviews), pay for the diagnosis and have it properly repaired. Some shops will waive the diagnostic fee ($100-150) if they perform the work. Stay away from chain stores such as Pepboys or Firestone.


@myrz Your Jeep is out of warranty so Jeep is not going to fix it for free . If you are in the US most Auto Zone stores will read the codes so post them here ( the exact code numbers ) and you might get a reasonable answer.

Other wise you need an independent shop before this happens in front of a Large truck.

Could you quote the part where the OP expects a free fix? I can’t seem to find it, just a plea for help.

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Have you brought the car to a mechanic yet? If so, what did they say?

When the car shuts off . . .

Does it sputter out, like you ran out of gas?

Or does it just turn off cold turkey, like you turned the ignition key to the off position?

The CEL will come on when an engine stalls and there may not be any error codes. It’s a different story if the light comes on while the engine is running.

How many miles on the vehicle, how many miles do you drive every week, and have you kept up with routine maintenance?