Jeep compass / rattling noise / dead

i have an 07 jeep compass (only 52k miles). it was making a loud rattling noise (i liken the sound to the noise a penny or pebble makes when its sucked up a vacuum). i pulled off for gas last night and it just wouldn’t turn back on. AAA was able to jump the battery and i was able to drive home. now its dead again. i previously had an issue where the car was stalling when idle (only if it was in drive). i’m thinking the rattling, battery draining and stalling must all be connected. any jeep experts out there? (my battery is less than a year old).

Was the check engine light on at any time during all of this?

When you say it’s “dead” do you mean NOTHING comes on? No dome light when you open the door/the horn won’t honk, etc? Or do you mean that you turn the key and it cranks but does not actually start?

the check engine light was never on. when i turn the key the lights come on, but the car doesn’t attempt to start. after AAA jumped me the check engine light came on for the first time in all this.

I wonder if the alternator has eaten its bearings.

I’d also be looking at the alternator. At this point you have to have the battery and alternator tested. Involved in that would be getting it to run long enough to listen for the noise. Was the noise there any time the car was running? Or only when you are moving?

Count me in as suspecting that you need a new alternator.

It could be something as simple as bad tensioner, let us know when you find the solution.

the rattingly is only when the car on. when you turn off the car it sort of rattles slower until it stops. I’m taking it in tomorrow and will update you.

it turns out the battery was dying from build up on the outside. once cleaned it was able to hold a charge. the rattling noise was coming from inside the alternator. entire alternator needed to be replaced.

Thanks from all of us, we garner knowledge to better help in the future because you let us know,

update: after taking my car apart to replace the alternator, the mechanic now thinks that was a misdiagnosis. he says the alternator doesn’t need to be replaced. that it was just a pulley out of place causing the rattling…i hope he’s right and it doesn’t break down a few days/weeks from now. noise aside my car died three times. could a simple fix of build up being cleaned off a battery and a pulley put back in place really be the remedy?

I am curious as to if anyone figured out what was wrong with your Jeep as mine did the same thing as yours… First it started stalling… Then… now there’s a loud rattling noise when I turn the key in the ignition. Any advice would be great. Thank you in advance.