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2020 Hyundai Ioniq - Peeling paint - Already!

Paint peeling along cill

On a 2020 model, your warranty should cover paint defects.


What did the folks in the service department have to say when you showed them the paint problem on your fully-warrantied new car?

If they refused to repaint at least the problem area, then you need to contact Hyundai at the corporate level. Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

I have shown it to the bodyshop and the estimator is convinced i have driven through something that has attacked the paint, when I told him I had taken it to a plastic paint expert who said it had no primer on the plastic cill he looked again and said yes he may be correct. What an idiot, he has sent it on to Hyundai UK to see if they approve a warranty claim. Now I have to wait till the new year.
I am worried about the rest of the painted plastic parts.

Well, just persist with the claim in the new year, and if there is a governmental consumer protection agency in The UK, you should probably file a complaint with them.

In the meantime, I think that we may be dealing with a difference in terminology between UK English and American English. Can you describe what a “cill” is, so that we can relate this to something with which we are familiar?

Door sills? I rarely talk about door trim? Remember gm used to have chrome trim? Bobby by fisher! All plastic now.

I guess that is a possibility. After all, what we in The US refer to as a “curb” is a “kerb” in the UK.
Perhaps this is just a case of different spelling.

The sill at the top of the door where it meets the window.

If it is indeed what we call a “sill”, it might be the sill at the bottom of the door.
Quien sabe?

You may be quite correct. I jumped the gun on that one. Merry Christmas my friend.

Cars that play chess? We have come a long way! :wink:

Please don’t take this the wrong way . . .

Any chance there were some bird droppings which stayed on for several days or weeks before you did anything about it . . . ?!

That usually doesn’t end well

The rocker panel covers are plastic and paint-to-match. If the panel was damaged and replaced, it was painted by a shop.

Hi Everybody,
Firstly I have Spelt it wrong even for England. It is in fact what you in America call rocker panels.
Hope that clears it up.

Yes, it does.
Sadly, driving though puddles containing chemicals or other industrial waste can cause damage to the paint, especially on the lower portions of the body. That is what the Hyundai folks may claim, and… somehow… you may have to try to prove them wrong.

If there is a governmental consumer protection agency in The UK, you may have to seek their assistance if Hyundai continues to be intransigent.

Now that wheeler dealers is based in Cali they have moved on from cheap cars. Flipping bangers is a newer show with $2-3k cars. And I don’t think those blokes refer to rockers as sills. But they do fix a bit of rusty cars.
Hmm, I typed body and spell check thought I meant Bobby?

I think they stopped production of new shows a year ago . Of course I stopped watching because I could not stand that Ant person .

Over here in the states if you take your car to the dealership with paint damage, you’ll probably speak with a “service advisor” about it. That’s a guy who is probably not a mechanic, almost certainly not a body tech, and who was hired to drive sales and profits. In short, he’s not the guy you want being the final arbiter of a warranty claim. If similar is true in the UK, and the service advisor is the person who diagnosed why the paint started to peel, you’ll want to escalate because odds are good that he has no idea what really caused the paint to peel and is just saying whatever sounds good to get you to either go away or pay out of pocket for a re-paint.

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