2018 Hyundai Sonata - Paint peeling

2018 White Sonata. 54k miles. Paint peeling off at roof

What did the folks at Hyundai’s corporate-level Customer Service Office tell you when you phoned/wrote to them about this issue?

Hyundai’s paint warranty is 36 mo./36k so you’re probably out of luck. You can try contacting Hyundai corporate and see if they’ll do something as a matter of goodwill but legally they have no obligation.

Check these out. You aren’t the only one complaining.


As nice as class actions sound, if the dealer will do nothing you will need to have a paint shop remove down to bare metal and repaint. Kept the receipt for the $2000 bill in case it ever gets resolved in court. They always have provisions for folks that have already paid. Likely get a $500 coupon to spend at the dealer five years from now after attourney fees. I never got a dime from any class action but still waiting for resolution for 15 years on one.

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Sorry you are having this difficulty. Hopefully the manufacturer will offer some help. Once the affected section is repainted, suggest to keep the surface protected & in good appearance by:

  • Rinse dust/dirt off the best you can with a garden hose once a week. Avoid washing w/soap unless necessary, as soap will remove previously applied wax.

  • Wash thoroughly with soap & warm water, followed by wax or similar paint protection at least twice per year. I use Nu Finish in the spring and the basic version of Turtle Wax in the fall.

  • Try to park in shade when possible.

Happened with my car too.
2018 sonata. White. 49k miles.

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That looks bad, esp for a newish car. Neither of my vehicles (30 & 50 years old) have any paint problems like that. Something is definitely amiss. Just curious, hard to tell by the photo, what’s the appx dimensions of that missing paint area ?

Same issue 2018 Sonata, barely 25k miles

this seems to be an issue with a number of cars and a lot of them seem to be white for some reason . I know even makes like Toyota have had peeling paint issue .

We’ll car manufacturers don’t make their paint but buy it. Never know who from but possible the same paint. I think the problem though is the primer and not getting good adhesion.