2020 Honda CR-V - Paint sealant

buying new Honda CR-V is it worth the price to have paint sealant down cost $749.00

No it is not .


Never ever pay for paint sealant. I fell for that once. They just used a regular liquid wax on the car. Now they would probably use a spray on ‘instant detailer’ product.


There is no way to seal modern clearcoat. Keep the money.


I used Meguire’s Synthetic Sealant #21 for the first time this year and am very happy with it. I followed with a coat of wax. Good protection and outstanding shine. I would wait a few months but in the Fall, hit it with the clay bar first. You’d be surprised how much smoother the finish will be. Then do the sealant and a coat of wax for winter. There is also the consumer grade of the same stuff and there are other brands that I’m not familiar with so couldn’t say how they work.

Like the others have stated, definitely say “No”.

For the $749.00 they’re asking, they will pay an entry level tech $20 for an hour to apply a wax with a special sounding name.

The dealer will give you all kinds of reasons why your paint needs their special sealant. All of that heavy pressure sales talk translates to “it’s a very sweet profit for them”.

$749 for wax? No thanks.

Tell them you do not want the car at all since the new paint sucks and see how that goes.

Mr. Sanders is correct. It’s wax and a very thin wax at that. A trip through the car wash and that 749 dollars will be washed down the drain.

I have mentioned in the past about a dealer I worked for getting behind one Friday on things like this and offered us mechanics a chance to pick up some easy money after closing time with “Paint Protection”
The wax was like 6 bucks and we got paid 1 hour flat rate for doing something that took 15 minutes. Knocked out 4 cars in an hour so the pay for doing it was great. Not so great for the customer unless they drew a line in the sand and said forget it.

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For $749.00, I’m going to apply to the body of your car something you can’t see, feel, hear, smell, or taste,.

We gotta deal?