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Paint sealant on new car

I am about to buy my first new car. I have been offered paint sealant. They seemt to be pushing it hard, especially since I have “such an unusual and beautiful color.”

Am thinking it is bogus and not worth $500. Thoughts?

Pass it up. It’s a high mark-up dealer option.

You can do the same thing with any high quality auto wax.



The car dealer’s “paint sealant” is a grossly-overpriced version of car wax.
Their upholstery protectant is grossly-overpriced Scotch-Gard.
Their undercoating and rust preventative package is unnecessary and possibly injurious to the car’s existing rust preventative that was applied at the factory by the manufacturer.

Pass up all of these wonderful extras that the dealership is offering.
At best, they are overpriced.
At worst, they can do damage.

Pure profit for the dealer. It’s nothing but car wax. You can do the same thing yourself for $5.00.

Just say, “No.”

The paint on your new Camry can stand anything short of a low-yield nuclear explosion. You don’t need $500 worth of paint sealer.

Save your money.

Yup, they are selling " mouse milk "

There are only 5 colors available for the Camry(white, silver, black, tan and blue). So, unless your Camry was taken House of Kolor or West Coast Customs for a one of a kind paint job before you bought it, it’s not needed.

“There are only 5 colors available for the Camry”

BS–In which country do you reside?
In the US, there are as many a NINE color choices for Camrys, depending upon the model.
Yes, the base model has only five colors available, that that limitation does not apply to all models of the Camry.

Your gut feel is right.

Just for fun, tell them you’re thinking about not going through with the sale now because you’d rather buy a make whose paint will hold up without expensive treatments.

Go somewhere else to buy a new car. The BS will not stop at the sale, it will continue service time if you plan on using them. Given you’re asking the question, you need a little more honesty from the dealership.

In addition to what the others say, you need to refuse ALL add-ons that the dealer will be pushing - fabric protectant, add-ons of various sorts, and, most importantly, an extended warranty. While you might choose to buy one of these later, do not buy it at the closing for your car. You will pay an extravagent price for something of little value, especially for a Camry. They will push very hard, say no, walk out if need be.

Just wax it now and then. That’s about all it is.

RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN! from those thieves. Paint sealant in this century is a joke - if it ever was necessary in the first place. My uncle, the used car salesman (he died rich, by the way), told me sealant is nothing more than an inexpensive 2-step waxing process which is almost 100% profit for the dealer. Just get a good quality wax at Autozone or Walmart for less than $15 and wax it yourself. Spend the money you are going to save on nicely tinted windows or make a donation to your local animal shelter. The animals need the money more than the car dealer.

Well, I just did a quick check on Toyota’s website, didn’t bother with checking different trim levels. Figured what was available for one trim level was all that was available.

Tell the salesman you’re having second thoughts about buying a car on which the paint is so inferior that it needs protecting and watch his reaction closely.