New car sealant


I just bought a new Toyota Corolla S. Someone at work told me to get a sealant on the car before it gets any older. Thought sealants came on the car anyway. In searching through the internet, I’ve found that dealer sealants are just overpriced wax jobs. The dealer told me it is a telfon sealant with a five year warranty. SO – question: should I or shouldn’t I get this sealant?


you shouldn’t. Just wash and wax your car on a regular basis


You’re exactly right. It’s a vastly overpriced wax job.
A Nissan dealer I worked for many years ago used to do this on every new car before it was even put on the lot.

At the time this “special coating” was 249 dollars. The dealer was paying about 4 bucks a bottle for this stuff, and it was nothing more than a thin, watery wax that was applied by the detail/clean up guy in less than 30 minutes.
If the customer balked; fine, write it off and let them have it for free. 4 bucks + 1/2 hour of a 7 dollar an hour guy’s time was more than offset by the majority of people who did buy into it.


The dealer told me it is a telfon sealant with a five year warranty.

Teflon does nothing other than provide an advertising gimmick. It is just a very expense car wax. It is called part of the ADP package (Additional Dealer Profit.)


My uncle just got a new truck Thursday. We popped the hood to look at it, and the rust proofing stuff was just oozing everywhere. Looked like the battery or something had leaked on the engine compartment. He also got the undercoating, said his wheel wells were body color when he bought it. Said he paid $800 for all that
The kicker, the truck had a sticker saying not to even display it till it got a window sticker, yet it was on the lot with a price tag hanging from the rearview mirror