2020 Ford Fusion - Did dealer steal my coin tray?

I just recently bought a 2020 Ford Fusion SEL. I was leasing a 2017 Fusion SE and in the center console (armrest), there was a little removable tray that sat in there creating a two-tiered storage compartment. There were two latches to open the compartment depending on if you wanted to access the upper or lower storage area. Now with my 2020 Fusion, there is not an upper tray for coins and such, just one large bin. My car salesman indicated that they got rid of this for 2020, but I’m skeptical. The brochure for the 2020 Fusion indicates it has a two-tiered storage. Can someone with a 2020 Fusion confirm if they do or do not have this tray?

You may have to go to the dealer and check out other 2020 Fusions on the lot. Would seem like there’d be missing/broken parts if they yanked it out.

Stop by the parts department at the dealer and see if you can buy one for your model. If you can, then ask if all Fusions have them. If there is no listing, buy a service part for the earlier can and install it in.your car.

Ford website says it has 2 bins on the 2020. It’s unlikely someone at the factory forgot a step on the assembly line so maybe someone broke one and snagged an easy replacement.

Just curious, but is this a brand new car with say 3 or 4 miles on it or was it a dealer demonstrator with say a few hundred?

Scroll down a bit to “Crafted For Your Comfort” paragraph…


@texases: I should clarify that the upper bin is/was removable, so there’s nothing to break in order to remove that bin.

@ok4450: Regarding the brochure statement, I had shown that to my car salesman but he was arguing that they are referring to the part under the radio, and not the armrest center console.

I’ve had dealers remove parts from another car on the lot to make mine whole. Maybe that’s what they did and forgot to replace it. This is simple. Go to the dealer and have them open up one like yours- same trim level. Look to see if it has the “missing” tray. If it does, demand one for your car. BTW, don’t leave on someone’s promise to get one. Get the piece or get an order copy. When you never get called and no one seems to know what you’re talking about, you whip out the record. Less likely to happen with a paper trail but I learned that lesson the hard way. First time with no paper trail it was start over. Next time it was egg on their face.

In the link I provided it plainly says “A large center console features tiered storage, featuring 2 small bins in the upper compartment.”

Guess the salesperson’s definition of center is different from mine. I’d follow TwinTurbo’s advice at this point.