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Ford Fusion and some concerns

I had Hyundai Sonata 2011 (2.4L) Automatic Transmission, Standard Trim. About three weeks ago I bought a used Ford Fusion 2014 (2.5L) Automatic Transmission, Standard Trim, 133,000 km (82642 mi) milage, after driving this car it turned out to be a decent upgrade to me, as road noise is minimum, road grip especially on turns is also impressive, does better on bumpy surface, Electric Power Steering is a charm and being a standard trim car is equipped with decent features.
However, (until now,) I’ve two concerns, First one is a minor, that the locks in this car are not open they’re sealed inside the door only a small LED light (at the outer corner of the door) indicates the lock status but just in case if there is any problem in central locks then how I would lock the door? So, to me, it is a thing of concern.

My second concern is, that the lid/cover of the fuel tank is accessible from the outside (without any button from inside) just push and it will open and then push it again and it will close. When I saw it first time, I felt like it is some kind of vulnerable that anyone can put anything in it just by opening it with a single push, then again my younger brother expressed the very same concerns upon seeing it the first time. But this thing alarmed me quite a bit when one week before my father saw it left opened outside our apartment and asked me the same question that how did it open, and my answer about its design alarmed him also, as the kids in our area are really unpredictable and annoying. After that day, only because of this I’m parking my car little away from my apartment. I’ve uploaded a video if anyone wants to see it.
So, is there any solution for this to keep it inaccessible from the outsiders? To me, the last refuge would be to install sort of that Mr. Bean’s car lock on the fuel tank lid. LOL


You don’t.

Have you checked it to see if the fuel door locks when the central locking has locked the doors?

If you have the capless fuel filler, like many Fords, there is a locking gas cap available for this.

Push the lock button on the door or push the lock button on your key fob. Typically, if you push the fob button after the doors are locked, there will be a noise, like a chirp or a horn honk. I don’t know the signal on your car.

You may be the only person worrying about this .

No, it doesn’t work with door locks. I’ve uploaded the video you can see, yes it is a capless fuel tank.
Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look for locking gas cap.

Right now locks are working absolutely fine, but I’m talking about the day when any lock of the door starts having issues while locking, there’s no solution for it in this car, as with my previous car you can just lock it manually.

Bear with us. We have difficulty understanding you. English doesn’t seem to be your primary language.

Have you taken it to a shop? You may have to wait until your problems occur more frequently. The mechanic has to see the issue to address it.

The OP does not really have problems. He is just worrying about things that may never happen.

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Maybe you can lock the doors manually from outside using the key, assuming there’s a keyhole on the outside of the door.

The capless fuel system - I believe there are aftermarket locking caps as mentioned. But it’s supposed to be designed to be really difficult to siphon gas out of it if you’re worried about someone stealing the gas. I had a Ford with the capless fuel filler. It came with a funnel under the rear seat. So it must be designed where you can’t just pour something in the tank without the tip of the funnel (or something else) pushing against a flap inside the fuel filler neck.

Maybe you should move somewhere else where the kids aren’t so cheeky :grin:

Just sell it and get something with less concerns. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

If the locks don’t work electrically, then use your key blade in the door as described in your owner’s manual.

Those are both valid concerns, but I doubt worrying about them will accomplish anything. Many newer cars are configured the same way, so it’s just a new fad you have to live with for the most part. I was at a pickup truck and popular sports car dealership lot over the summer and noticed that some versions had gas cap covers that you could open from the outside, and some you could only open from the inside. Didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to which ones were configured which way. So again, just something you have to life with in these modern times.

There are no lock cylinders on the rear doors.

If a lock actuator fails the latch will need to be replaced.

I think you’re worried about nothing.

My Mustang is the same. Luckily power locks are incredibly reliable. I’ve never had it fail on any car I’ve ever owned. Also, there’s a manual backup in place in case the battery on the fob dies. Refer to page 45 of your owner’s manual for operation.

Again, not a real problem. Your car has Ford’s capless fuel system. The good news is that it has built in anti-siphoning features that prevent objects and substances from being introduced into the fuel tank without use a special funnel. You can read about it on pages 147-149 of your owner’s manual. This won’t keep the fuel door from being opened, but will prevent anything from going into or out of your fuel tank.

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