Name the Ford Fiesta 2016 part!

last night i had a bumpy ride back from work.
This morning, I noticed that one of these had fallen off. Doesn’t look like nothing is really broken inside. My car didn’t come with lights in those in it like other models.
I’m trying to buy the part and just click it back in but i cannot figure out what it’s called.
Anyone know what in the world is this called and maybe where I can buy it online?

You may need to drop by a Ford dealer’s parts department and have them bring up the diagram for the front bumper. I’d just get it there, it’s so new it may be hard to find elsewhere.

I had trouble seeing what you are talking about, but would definitely call it a warranty repair whatever the issue to be fixed by the dealer.

Just a wild guess, but it’s probably called a “garnish”. The automotive industry seems to like this term for these types of parts.
Follow Texases’ advice. The parts guy should be happy to print a copy of the “exploded view diagram” and identify the part for you free of charge.

By the way, thank you for the very clear description of what you’re seeking. Life is much easier with clear, concise communication.

Is it the bumper trim you are missing? I agree with a trip to the dealership. The parts guy will have the exploded diagram of the bumper and everything that goes in it.

In theory, warranty should replace this part for you free of charge if it just fell out for no reason.

In practice, it could be claimed that it may be missing due to flying debris or a bird, etc and this would not be a warrantable repair if that is the case.

In the case of the latter, a decent service manager should give you the benefit of the doubt and fudge a warranty claim through anyway.

I would try to get it replaced at the dealership under warranty. It looks like a flimsy way to attach a trim cover if you ask me. It’s not just Ford…I’ve seen dozens of items just like this on a lot of different models over the years.

With a lamp there it’s called a bezel.
You don’t have a light there so the cover plate is called ( in the catalog anyway ) a… …bracket ??
Part number D2BZ-15266-BA
See any dealer for warranty on a car this new.
in fact…
don’t even wonder whatit’s called…these days that’s almost useless.
Your picture is invaluable and lead me directly to the exact part.

Thank you so much guys!!!

They call it a bracket??
What do they call brackets???

Toyota calls the one on my Scion a “cover, front bumper guard”.

Ford isn’t a rich car company like Toyota. They have to opt for inexpensive names like “bracket”.

Unusual and fun names abound in the automotive parts catalogues. if the fiesta catalogue is originally in german, the English translation may be bracket. I know with Mercedes that what we call a pushpin rivot comes out as a “treenail” in the translation. talk about creating havoc. try to keep from laughing when requesting a hexalobular bolt or a parameterizable module sometime.

The part # that Ken provided ( D2BZ-15266-BA) is called an “end cover” in the catalog.

great name for a grill huh Nevada_545?

Too many grills on that car, let’s call the outer ones “Bumper end covers”.

Different makes use different names. If you provide the following the parts guy can figure it out.

fog delete panel
fog closeout panel
front cover closeout panel
left lower grille

The bumper cover has cutouts that accept fog lamps. The closeout covers the hole when the vehicle is no equipped with fogs.