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Potential RAV4 '06 Makes noise at 55-65 MPH

I’m looking to buy a used 2006 RAV4 with 145K miles. You can find it at JT Automart online. I took on a test drive today, and everything seemed very good except for one noise at high speed, 55-65 MPH. It’s an on off noise that sounds kind of like a low engine rev, but I am not revving the engine. It comes only at those speeds. It also sounds to be coming from the rear of the cars. I have read some about issues like these with RAV4s, but like some other opinions. And what would be the best way to go about this car?

I would pay a shop/mechanic to inspect the car. Tell him to thoroughly check it out, because you’re thinking of buying it

Here’s what that inspection should include, to name a few things . . .

road test on city streets . . . good roads AND bad roads

road test on freeway . . . make absolutely sure to apply the brakes a few times at that speed

rack up the car, to check for leaks, suspension, steering, tires, rims, etc.

check out the level and condition of all the fluids

pull off front and rear tires to visually inspect the brakes

+1 to @db4690 This will be money well spent. The Rav has a good reputation, and if well maintained will give you good service. But my daughter got a free extended warranty from Toyota for rear differential noise. Not sure if this is the same noise you are hearing, but make sure your mechanic checks that out.

It is really quite simple. Look for a used vehicle that does not make you wonder if something is wrong with it.

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Yeah, I’d just find a different one.

As many of the regulars have mentioned in the past . . . the mileage alone shouldn’t be cause for alarm

Freeway miles are usually better than stop and go miles

But the car needs to be thoroughly checked . . . and if there’s any indications it hasn’t been properly maintained then walk away

There’s lots of cars for sale out there

Thank you all!