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2019 Honda CR-V - Wind noise

What can I do to eliminate wind noise in cabin?

Make sure your windows are up. If you have a roof rack, you might be hearing the whistling from that

Windows down or up?

Since it is a brand new car, I would discuss it with the dealer. Maybe drive another one and see if it also does it. Did it do it on your test drive?

Joe, do you really have a 2019 CR-V ? There are none for sale in my area.

2019 seems to be the default selection when the OP does not select a year when making a post.

That makes sense about the default. But why do so many questions from that Ask Someone place have to be so vague?


Roof rack? There may be preferred positions for the crossbars, to reduce wind noise and resistance. On our 2007 minivan there are small markers on the tracks that show the best position for the crossbars.

Sorry it is a2018

Best suggestion would be to test drive another, is it a design flaw or something associated particularly to your car that an be fixed.

You have a warranty, have you talked to the dealer?

Is it noise with the windows up or down?

Ask to test drive another 2018 CRV. See if it has the same problem.

windows are tight and I don’t have a roof rack

Then I’d follow @George_San_Jose1 's advice, if the dealer says ‘they all do that’.

Here is what motortrend had to say about the wind and road noise.Seems like they all do it.

In a two-way comparison against the Mazda CX-5, we loved just about everything the CR-V offered except the excessive wind and tire noise.

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