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2019 Nissan Rogue - AEB issues

my automatic emergency braking system light keeps blinking. the roads are clear and dry, no cars around me. my car has also stopped itself on the service road making an awful sound. it’s brand new, maybe 5k miles and only 8 months old. after doing research into this, i’ve seen that this is not a new problem but just one that nissan has failed to fix and does not inform customers before buying. this could be very dangerous.

Ok, did you have a question?

I’ve tested every new Nissan vehicle including the Rogue, Leaf, Versa, Pathfinder, Altima, and Maxima. None of them had any false positive AEB events. In fact, I recently wrote a story about the Maxima pointing out that it had the least intrusive automated driving systems of any vehicle we have tested in the recent past. You should have your defective vehicle repaired under warranty. What you describe is a safety issue, so you should also report it to the folks at NHTSA.

And make sure you document every time you go to the dealer, in case this turns into a lemon law situation.

Well, then you have been lucky, because this is a well-documented problem with both the Rogue and the Rogue Sport. At least 14 crashes have resulted from Nissan’s badly designed system.