Nissan safety features should have prevented my accident

Why would a Nissan Rouge 2020 crash going forward if it has safety measures to prevent this exact thing from happening. The car should not have been able to swerve and then going into a brushed area hitting a tree. The car should have stopped automatically on its own prior to impact.

It was since the beginning making bucking sounds and hesitations. I thought it was just me getting used to a new type of care. This last day, day of the accident it was swerving while driving. Even my friends no5iced it.

Why did you continue to drive it if you were experiencing steering problems?

Built in safety systems can not overcome all driver errors.


Nissan safety features should have prevented my accident

No, the driver of the car should have prevented the accident. If the car was driven into the brush the driver should have steered the car back to the road and/or applied the brakes to stop the car.

If the car can’t be controlled it should be stopped immediately and towed to the dealer.


Hmmm… Perhaps your Rogue was offended that you were unable to spell its name. :wink:

Seriously, however, the preceding comments are right on target, in my opinion.

It is worth noting that Nissan has had more problems with their automatic emergency braking system than any of the other manufacturers, but the problems have been of an entirely different nature than what the OP is complaining about. The 1,400 complaints–so far–about Nissan’s automatic braking problems had to do with the system applying the brake when there was no obstacle in its path. Many of the complainants stated that snowbanks on the side of an expressway could cause their car to come to a sudden stop, thereby exposing them to the possibility of being rear-ended at high speed.,with%20automatic%20emergency%20braking%20defects&text=August%2010%2C%202020%20—%20Nissan%20Rogue,no%20forward%20objects%20are%20present.



As Smokey says “only you can prevent forest fires.” I gotta a feeling this is related to why deer don’t cross where the signs are posted.


It sounds like you were experiencing some major malfunction, and you didn’t get it towed to the dealer.


When buying our 2017 Rav4, the salesman had gone to a training session on the features. The autostop or whatever it is called during a light rain failed to stop before plowing through a cardboard obstacle. His advice was it is a nice feature but do not depend on it.

I agree with the other commenters - all of the safety systems should be a backup for the driver, not a primary substitute. These are more advanced but it’s similar to saying “I didn’t avoid the accident because the seatbelt was supposed to save me”

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If you really experienced these problems, you should contact a lawyer if you haven’t already. I hope that you and any passengers are OK.

First, safety systems can’t overcome the laws of physics. If physics dictates that you’re gonna hit a tree, you’re gonna hit the tree, and at best the safety systems will make you hit the tree slightly softer.

Second, if the car is behaving strangely in a dangerous way, and you continue to drive it, the resulting crash is your fault, not the safety systems. Safety systems are not there so that you can turn off your brain while driving.