2017 Nissan Rogue safety issues

I have 2 safety issues with my 2017 Nissan Rogue-does anyone else have these problems?

First, the car brakes on its own intermittently when driven over metal construction plates and manhole covers, sometimes abruptly.

Second, intermittently the car has almost no power when pulling into traffic from a stopped position.

Emily, it does not matter if any one else has this. It is not safe and you have a warranty so return to dealer and have it fixed.

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Additionally to @VOLVO_V70’s point about taking it back to the dealership (and using your warranty), because this is a safety issue, you may have grounds for a Lemon Law claim depending on your state’s lemon laws (for example, in Pennsylvania: Under the law, the manufacturer must, at no cost to the purchaser, repair or correct any defect which substantially impairs the use, value or safety of the vehicle and occurs within one year after delivery, or 12,000 miles of use, or the term of the manufacturer’s express warranty, whichever comes first. If the defect cannot be repaired in a reasonable time, you may be eligible for a replacement vehicle or the refund of the purchase price, less a limited allowance for use.)