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2009 Nissan Rogue shuts down randomly

Three times over a period of six weeks my 09Nissan Rogue has turned off during high speed driving. Shuts right down with no warning or sputtering. Last time was on Mass Pike with no break down lane and cars flying all around at 75MPH - scary as all… I had to roll over to right lane, park and restart, which it wouldnt do right away- a number of attempts and it started up and I drove away. Brought right to dealer- and at dealer last few days and they cant pinpoint problem- have done numerous test drives. They have checked computer and it indicates no issues. They have called Nissan and reported that they dont have a case of a similar issue. 70, 000 miles, just completely serviced, plenty of gas, newer battery in electronic keyfob- IT’s a mystery! I am scared to drive the car- I also have notified Nissan Consumer division.

Any suggestions? Thoughts? Comments?

I would first suspect that the trouble is due to an electrical issue to something critical for the engine operation. There may be a problem with the ignition switch or power wiring to the ignition system. The fuel pump relay contacts may be intermittent. You could try replacing the relay and hope that it fixes things. You might be able to locate the trouble by tapping on suspected trouble areas using a screwdriver handle to tap things with. I would first really want to know if the ignition was firing the next time this happened and would figure out a way to monitor the spark plug pulses from inside the car.

I can understand your apprehension in driving the vehicle. It can be dangerous if the trouble happens at the wrong time and there really isn’t any ‘right time’ while you are driving it.

3rd day - still at Dealers and they cant replicate or find a problem

After 5 days of testing all they came up with was to change the ignition switch
Anyone think I should feel safer now? Have driven for 5 days and not had re-occurrance- yet…

If it’s not the ignition switch it could be a bad coil, many times they will act up after they get heated up.