2019 Jeep Cherokee - Active hood

While driving at highway speeds mostly, hood jumps up and down when a gust of wind or Truck passes. This seems a bit scary as it makes me feel the hood is going to come unlatched. Is anyone else been experiencing this hood problem?

Why are you concerned anyone else has this problem? You do. I suggest stop by your dealer and ask them this question and what they are going to do about it.

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I have heard that complaint several times, seems to be an design flaw. The dealer can adjust the hood latch and hood stops but it may not completely solve the problem.

Yeah it’s under warranty so have the dealer take a look at it. I didn’t like the way my hood closed on my Acura either and had the dealer take care of it. If nothing can be done, so be it but remember there are two latches before the hood pops up. The normal latch and then a safety latch, plus you should have a hood ajar light.

I have adjusted the hood latch myself. It did the trick. Lowered latch 1/4 inch and it worked. No flutter now! Thanks for your input.