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2019 Jeep Cherokee hood jumps in high wind

Has anyone experienced a problem with a 2019 jeep Cherokee 9 cyl where the hood jumps significantly when a truck passes or when there is high wind?

Debra , it really does not matter if anyone else has that problem , you do . This is a warranty problem that should be addressed by your dealer. Have them look at it first so it will noted .


Have a friend record a video on your phone to demonstrate the phenomenon to your service writer.
Please post back with what the dealer found to be the cause.


Will do ….

There are rubber bumpers under each side of the hood in front that can be adjusted so there is no play in the hood when it is closed. Should have been done during the dealer prep so have the dealer adjust the hood stops and maybe the latch itself.


Did that …did not help

Mine does the same thing and freaks me out. Did you ever find a fix??