Transmission & amp; Wiring

Hi Guys,

I have a 2006 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, V6, 4WD. I have several questions about my car:

  1. I have been reading a lot about how that year jeep has many transmission issues. When driving I feel like my car jumps when shifting gears. Does this mean my transmission is about to slip?

  2. I have asked several mechanics this and have yet to get a straight answer: when in idle, my car putters and the RPMs rev up. It not only does this when I’m low on gas.

  3. I got 4 new brake pads and front rotors. The front of my car would shake when putting on the brakes so I took it back and they shaved down the rotors. It took care of the problem for about a month. Now, when putting my brakes on, my car is shaking again.

  4. I was rear ended causing me to be pushed into the car in front of me. Since the accident, all the lights on my dash, headlights and radio would shut on and off. I have a video of it I can send, if needed. Also, when this happens and I’m trying to turn, it feels like my antilock brakes kick in and start to rub. I took my car back to the mechanic because it was covered under my insurance, and they told me they checked all the wires and could not find anything wrong. I’m going to take it back again, but would like to have somewhat of an idea.

One more question; I have $3500 left until my car is paid off and 120,000 miles on it. Do you think it’s wise for me to sell my car and get a more reliable car or just get it fixed?

Please help, I feel being a female, I continue to get the run around and no straight answers!

Thanks for your help,

This is what the dash is doing. Please help!


I can help you with the brakes, you need to do a hard application of the brakes once in a while. A hard stop from about 60 without wheel lock up. Just short of locking the wheels and don’t quite stop, roll out at about 5 mph and start accelerating again, so do this on a back road with no traffic. This cleans off residues that build up on the rotors, especially from new pads.

Next time specify ceramic pads, they usually aren’t as bad about this.

The lights problem should be taken up with the insurance company. If you have full coverage, you insurance company should help you out here. If not, and you haven’t accepted final settlement form the other persons insurance company, you can fight it out with them. You may need a lawyer though, they will be resistant. Accident repair is more than just fenders, bumpers and paint.

BTW, no links or videos in your second post.

@keith it correct on cleaning the pads. At 120k miles though I would have replaced the rotors, The pads wear the rotors during normal use and then they turned them and made the rotors thinner. Thin rotors will warp and cause the steering wheel to shake.

Get your transmission drained and a new filter. Do not get it flushed. That drive dirt where dirt should not be.

As far as the electrical. That is warrantied buy the shop that did the work for the insurance company. If they were a Warranty shop that was recommended by the insurance company, take it up with the insurance company. If not don’t let them off the hook.

I suspect the electrical trouble you are having is due to a intermittent problem with the “accessory position” of the ignition switch. It provides power to those things you mentioned along with some other things. It might be hard to prove that the accident caused that problem if that is the case.