'96 Jeep Cherokee Laredo - Front end shaking

I’m about at my wit’s end on a problem with my jeep. The front end started shaking while I was driving on a highway a few months ago. This happens above 40 and when I hit a bump. It feels as if the whole car is going to fall apart. I took it to a mechanic who said it was the tire rods and changed them. It was good for a few months and now this has started again. Two weeks ago the track rod (?) broke and that was replaced. Again it ran ok but when I was on the highway over the weekend it started again. I can drive on side roads with a stop and go with no problem. Can anyone help a car mechanically challenged woman with any advice? 2 people have told me that it’s probably the C-U joint and front axle that needs repair but I don’t want to bring this to a mechanic and have him just change that if it’s not the problem.

This is more than likely what you need. It’s a common problem.

Hope that helps.

Thanks so very much for your help. I’ll bring that page to the mechanic. I’ll let you know if it works!