2019 Honda Insight - TPMS light after new tires

unable to turn off tire pressure warning after new tires

check all your tire pressures. its possible they put a few pounds to much air in your tires causing your tire pressure warning light to stay on. check your vehicles car door jam for a label that has what your correct tire pressures should be.

The tire shop should have a scan tool to reset or your warranty might cover that if the reset instructions in your owners manual don’t work. I once had the light stay on after a tire was repaired and Discount Tire just waved a magic wand at each tire and solved the problem.

The tire pressure monitor system must be calibrated after replacing the tires, this is something you can do yourself as your tire mechanic probably won’t want to drive your car for 30 minutes.
See pages 472-474 of the owners manual;

Models without Display Audio;

You can calibrate the system from the
customized features on the driver information

  1. Roll the left selector wheel controls to select
    Vehicle Settings, then push the left selector wheel.
    TPMS Calibration appears on the
  2. Push the left selector wheel.
    The display switches to the customization setup screen, where you
    can select Cancel or Calibrate.
  3. Roll the left selector wheel controls to select
    Calibrate, then push the left selector wheel.
    Calibration Started screen appears,
    then the display returns to the
    customization menu screen.
    • If the Calibration Failed to Start message
    appears, repeat steps 2–3.
    • The calibration process finishes

The calibration process requires approximately 30
minutes of cumulative driving at speeds between
30-60 mph (48-97 km/h).
• During this period, if the power mode is set to ON
and the vehicle is not moved within 45 seconds,
you may notice the low tire pressure/TPMS
indicator comes on briefly. This is normal and
indicates that the calibration process is not yet

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