2016 Toyota C-HR - TPMS question

Why is my tire pressure light on after getting new tires?

They might have broke one of the sensors while mounting the tires. There are diagnostic tools that can check if one of the transmitters is missing.

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You could also conceivably have a low tire. It’s not impossible. Some vehicles show a low tire if one has significantly less pressure than the other three, even if none of them are truly below spec. Dunno if yours is one of them.

Every time I replace my Highlander’s tires or swap the winter and summer tires off and on the TPMS comes on. It is re-settable. Check you manual. Maybe nothing is wrong? All of the above are great ideas too.

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Excellent question to ask the folks who put your new tires on

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When I got new tires at Costco a couple of years ago, I proactively had the TPMS wheel sensors replaced at the same time because they were then 7 years old. On my drive home, the TPMS warning light was lit-up, so I returned to Costco the next day. Simply holding their electronic TPMS tool next to each tire revealed which one was malfunctioning, and they were able to re-set it within seconds.

Go back to the tire store.