2018 Honda CR-V - Gas dilution of oil issue

I purchased a new 2018 Honda CR-V and found later that gasoline leaks into the oil pan.
I contacted the dealer also Honda customer service and was told this is normal.
They said their engineers say there is nothing to worry about.
I think they are wrong.
Do you have a suggestion as what I can do ?

From cars.com

Anyone who owns 2017-2018 CR-Vs with the 1.5-liter engine should keep an eye on their SUV’s oil levels, Consumer Reports says. Also look for related signs: a smell of gas in the cabin, engine stalling or hesitancy, or heaters that don’t work as well in cold weather. If you experience this, Consumer Reports advises you take your car to the dealership and say you know that Honda hopes to have a fix come November. Report the problem to Honda and NHTSA, and, if Honda fails to remedy your situation, you could consider pursuing your state’s lemon law or taking the automaker to small-claims court, the organization says. CR-V shoppers, meanwhile, might consider waiting until the 2019 model year to purchase one.

Honda has a campaign underway to help you. Your dealer is mistaken that it is “normal” and they should be aware of the correction campaign and TSBs. Here is a detailed look at what Honda is doing and when. Honda began its campaign in states where the issue is most likely to occur. Your post is unclear as to whether you have the issue, or if you just heard it is a concern. Best of luck. If it has happened to you, please tell us more.

Good to know, a friend is considering the CRV.

Wonder why this hasn’t been a problem with the other Hondas that use the same engine (Accord, for example)?

I have a friend that leased one, and saw this was a common issue. I did not research it further, as they will be covered by warranty for the time of their lease. We test drove one and did not like the road noise. I did not see a resolution to the issue.