2019 Honda CR-V infotainment screen doesn’t update

When I take car out of garage in the am the artist and song on the infotainment center reads " No Info". When I drive for half hour, this message doesn’t change. The songs are changing, but the message doesn’t. If I change the channel and then return to the original channel the artist and song does appear. But then that artist and song stay on even though the next song is playing. If I change the channel to another station before the antenna " finds" the satellite, the same song and artist will remain for a while. The arrows on the steering wheel changing the channel won’t work until the antenna " finds" the satellite.

Have you asked the dealer this question because if you do have a 2019 you don’t want to mess with it or have a non dealer do anything that might void the warranty on this problem .

Read the owners manual. If it isn’t in there, ask the dealer. If this is Sirius satellite radio, suck it up, this may be because the area you drive through doesn’t receive the satellite very well.

Likely the dealer will say it is Sirius’ problem, not Honda’s