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I need a geek!

I am now the somewhat proud owner of a 2011 Honda Odyssey. And I am a spoiled satellite radio user (now XM, 'cos that’s what Honda offers). However, in my new “aggressively styled” van’s satellite mode, the screen only displays 14 characters per line (the lines being artist name, channel, title of song, etc.) So while “Click and Clack” and “Car Talk” are no trouble at all–no surprise-- other artists/shows with longer names get cut off. For example, “Drive by Truck.” Does anyone out there know a trick for scrolling through or toggling between or otherwise gaining access to the rest of the characters that aren’t being displayed? Is this a plot by Honda to turn me into a distracted driver? Help!

Does the owner’s manual have anything to say about this? If not, I’d return to the dealer and ask for a demonstration.

Nope. Checked the owner’s manual. Checked the technology guide. Checked some other online forums. Dealer wasn’t much help…

Some radios do not have a scrolling capability. Yours is probably one of those.

Contact Honda through the owner’s web site. My suspicion is that WYSIWYG. My 2005 Accord truncates artist and song names, too.

Do you have a smartphone? If so, there are apps that will tell you the name of any song being played.

Ugh! How frustrating!

Why are you reading scrolling text while you’re driving?

If there’s a button labeled “display” or “info” or similar, try pushing that.

XM offers a lot of variety, but why does it seem to me that they play 30% good stuff, and 70% of stuff that while you never hear it on the radio, you mostly wouldn’t want to. The 80s channel seems to have a Duran Duran fixation for example…

“If there’s a button labeled “display” or “info” or similar, try pushing that.”

It displays 4 different things: artist name, song name, station number, and station type. All are truncated.

Have you tried holding down the info button? I did a little web research for you,and unfortunately, no one seems to have a solution.

I’ll try that tomorrow. I always wanted to see “Bridge Over the River of Dreams” instead of “Bridge Over the River”. No, I’m serious. It took me a while to figure out what the name of the song is. But Keiko Matsui shows up without truncation.