2019 Honda HR-V - Infotainment failure

has had many problems with the display and cellphone connection. The display screen at times is blank, when this happens, I have no audio, cellphone connection or back-up camera. The whole system has been replaced (including the back-up camera) but I still have the same issues. Honda doesn’t know what is wrong. The dealership is sending the info to Honda. Just wait and see I guess.

If there is any good news for you, it is that because this problem was “fixed” during the warranty period, those “fixes” are warranted beyond the expiration of the car’s warranty.
Just continue to hold Honda’s corporate feet to the fire. Be polite, yet persistent, in demanding that they fix the problem once and for all.


Waiting is your fate if you want Honda to fix it under warranty. That’s what I would do. NHTSA doesn’t show any complaints for this issue, nor do they have any manufacturer communications for it. That means it’s an unusual issue.

Cars of yesteryear, even w/their downside, one positive thing about them, when something broke it was usually a fairly simple process to figure out what was broken. Repairing it might not be easy, but knowing what needed to be done was. Unfortunately problems w/the complex electronic gizmos used in today’s vehicles can prove to be very difficult to solve. When they work, which is the usual case, everything’s a fine. But when they don’t … well, see for yourself: here’s an example of another similar case, also involving a Honda …