2018 Honda Fit satellite radio & nav problem

On our first car trip last week in the New Fit EX-L Navi the Satelite Radio suddenly refused to change the channel, either with the Steering wheel controls, or with the preset buttons, or with specific channel selection. No response to either, the currently selected Sirius station continued to play. (notable, the preset button for another selected channel would illuminate, but the station did nto change) - experimenting, I found I could change the channel by stopping, turning the car off, turing back ON, then the sat radio would work normally until a channel was selected. The FM radio was NOT affected by this - I coudl select another Source and change at will…
ALSO, on this trip as we returned home the Turn-by-Turn navigation indicator stopped showing the blue turn indicator arrow, only the mileage continued to show in the display - that never returned to operation until we were home again. Otherwise the Navi worked perfectly continuing to give the spoken directions and show the map correctly.
What Gives? anyone else have advice or experience same as ours?
Now both system are working OK we are going to the dealer this morning, but what not sure what to expect…

2018 car under warranty. Print off your question and hand it to the service writer at your local Honda dealer and tell him to fix it.

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You will probably get back an invoice saying “Unable to replicate customer complaint” but keep the invoice because it documents the date you first complained about it.