2019 Honda CR-V - Google maps

Does the google maps work on Honda CRV LX FWD 2019 using iphone through ethernet port?

If you want to get the exact answer just go to a Honda dealer and try to use that feature .

Curious, I am not computer savvy. Why use Ethernet port instead of data on your iPhone? I have no problems with that.

Honda’s CR-V has both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Google Maps can be seen and interacted with using the vehicle’s screen and also via the voice controls. You will love it. Google Maps also works temporarily when you lose your cell signal. Here is a youtube video showing it in action. You connect to Apple CarPlay via the USB port (not an ethernet cable). You can find Google Maps via your iTunes account. Apple users love it and give it a 4.7 rating.

Hey Volvo, isn’t helping one another based on our own collective experience exactly what we do here in this Community? Why would we direct a poster to a dealer? Couldn’t we simply direct every person who posts any question to a dealer or to a local shop?

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Yes true, but some of us think you are talking in a foreign language but glad you had an answer. Then again after my MD son and PhD wife and myself could not figure out our Acura system, my wife finally went to the dealer to have them do it.

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I’m surprised the salesman didn’t not show you how to do this when you bought the car. My salesman (2017 Accord) paired the phone and showed me how to use the Apple Carplay interface.

Anyway, all the information you need is in your owner’s manual. I doubt that there is an Ethernet interface. I think you mean the USB port that communicates to the phone through a charging cable. Once the phone is paired, the phone apps show up on your car’s screen. It will be the same for Android phones. If you have Google Maps on your phone, it will run. The phone microprocessor does all the work. Your phone will also get charged while you use the map app. Bonus!

We’re don’t know if Sun16 has this car, or is considering buying or leasing it, or is trying to help someone.

Welcome, Sun 16. Please let us know the answer once you find it. Good luck!

Beats the hell out of toyota, $700 to upgrade maps. Not sure about connecting the Rav4 to google maps, OK for now but the Garmins with lifetime map updates will be there for us.

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And when Garmin goes away because no one needs stand alone GPS anymore?

Hoping lifetime maps and my lifetime work out about the same, otherwise have found online people for less, evidently the radio unit needs to be replaced. The phone will probably be fine if every thing els goes south, And I do not mind picking up a paper map if needed, as long as they still keep making them.

John, the person did not say if they had the vehicle or were thinking of buying one . Things like this can be solved and explained by the dealer while the person watches.


They may be solved by the dealer (and might be), but for now he is asking us. So let us not cut short our contributions to the solution.


Good perspective Bin, Thx. And I know the feeling. When the posts turn to codes and code readers I feel like a deer in the headlights.