2011 Honda CR-V - Aux won't work

Aux USB will not read iPhone media

does it charge the phone when plugged in? if not you probably have a bad fuse.

yes it does charge the phone.
It will not read the media/music on the phone. (new iPhone 12 w up to date IOS)
Do I need a software update? If so, do I have to take it to a dealer or can I do that myself?

thanks for the quick response!

sorry I am not familiar with your vehicle or the I phone12. to be honest I just got my first IPhone and still learning about it. with that said if you have another usb port try that one to see if it makes a difference. also try shutting your phone and turn it on again. check your phone settings to make sure everything is turned on that should be. then try to connect your phone again. if that does not work I would call honda service desk and ask them if there is a firmware update for your radio. honda does have updates on thier website but when I check the years did not go down far enough for your vehicle. sorry I could not be more help. maybe someone else here can.

OK good to know

please return and post what the fix was. it might help other in the future. good luck.

I think your vehicle is too old to be compatible with the latest phones.

This is a link to Honda Hands Free Link, you can check if your phone is compatible. On this page you will fink “Getting started” and “check phone compatibility”.


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Agree with @Nevada_545 the phone is far too far ahead of the car. The iPhone is apparently not backward compatible with the 10 year old car.

Use the Bluetooth instead.

I guess iPhones do support acting as a USB storage device when plugged in to a computer … I never thought of using an iPhone that way.

Most likely the iPhone is presenting an emulated USB storage device that is either too large or is using a filesystem that the car doesn’t support, like exFAT. Just get a flash drive that is formatted in FAT32 and use that. The USB port on an older car radio was originally intended for this type of use.

Or does the iPhone support some other feature like operating as a USB host where the car radio acts like a USB audio device (USB speakers), and you control the playback on the phone?

Heh heh. Me too. I was forced into it since they were no longer going to support mine. Lot’s of stuff to learn and I do like being able to text, check weather, stocks, etc. whenever but Apple is Apple and never liked them and still don’t.

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Have an iPad, but have a Samsung android phone. Both have pros&cons.
As noted, I use the Bluetooth rather than USB when I need to have something from the phone go through the car’s speakers.

When in doubt, suspect the cord. Just because it charges the phone doesn’t mean it is completely functional. Also try starting the music player app on the phone. It should load automatically when the phone is plugged into a compatible head unit but yours may not be doing this. The iPhone cannot be used as a mass storage device.

I connect my iPhone via Bluetooth. This way, I can use any audio program on my phone (SiriusXM, Pandora, etc.). With a USB connection, I can only access the music stored on the phone and nothing else.

Good idea to double check that function works when plugging Iphone into desktop computer.