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2017 Chevrolet Cruze - Android connection

I got a new Android phone and I can’t control it from the USB connection like my old iPhone use to do. Is there a player that works on my phone that I can use?

Don’t use the USB, use Bluetooth.

Steve, I think what you may be referring to is using the phone to interface with the car’s screens. WHen you do it with an Apple it is called CarPlay, with Android, it’s called Android Auto. You should see the app in the Chevy and you can get it at the Google Play store for the phone if your Android does not already have it. Check for updates if you do have it. Worth a call to your local Chevy dealer if that does not work. Android Auto is fantastic and has been shown to be safer and less distracting than automakers’ native infotainment systems. I use it test vehicles and 9/10 of them it works when I connect the USB. 1/10 require a bit of encouragement. If I’m mistaken and you just want to play MP3 files stored on your device, Start by checking that you Android’s music player is “on.” Not disabled. In other words, click the specific App to see if it wakes up.

Found this after I wrote the long message above: