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2019 Acura RDX - Destination confusion

2019 RDX Nav system works but 90% of time it tells me final destination is on the wrong side.

Are updates covered by your bumper to bumper warranty?

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All updates have been done with no change in wrong side of destination

Maybe it has dyslexta.

Are you sure you have the map orientation correct?

If this is a defect in the map system and not just operator error, it is Acura’s responsibility to make it right. See your dealer.

My stand-alone GPS does this sometimes, but nowhere near 90% of the time. According to it, I live in the vacate lot across the street from my house. :upside_down_face:

GIGO: garbage in, garbage out. There is likely nothing to be done about this. This is a problem with the map data provided by whatever company Acura uses.

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I doubt Honda/Acura harvests their own map data. More than likely @NYBo is correct and since they didn’t accumulate the data they can’t fix it. Years ago I needed to find a number of buildings in connection with my job and given my usual sense of direction I bought a GPS from a pawn shop. It also told me one particular building was on the opposite side of the street but since I already knew where it was I only used the GPS to get to the general vicinity. You might want to use some common sense navigation ideas. For example, here in the St. Louis area odd numbers are usually on the north or west side of the street. If you can find north you can compensate for any errors in your nav system.

A 2019 car is in warranty. Take it to a dealer and ask for help. If they see nothing wrong, ask them to explain why. Take screen shots of the destination problem with your phone to show them. Please explain what seeing the destination in the wrong side means. When you get there, the destination is the only thing on the screen. I don’t understand your terms.

So the problem is the map says the destination is on the left side of the road when it’s actually on the right (for example), correct?

My Uber app does something similar. If my destination is a shopping center or a commercial building it almost always sends me to the rear entrance or loading dock. It’s something in the programming.

If that’s the case, then I get it occasionally. I always look for the destination where the GPS says it is, then check the address to make sure which side is odd or even. It may have an impact on what route the GPS chooses to get there.

The dealer won’t be able to do anything. The problem lies with the map data Honda/Acura is using. That involves corporate and even then it won’t get resolved until a lot of owners complain.

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