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2002 Lexus RX 300 nav

My '02 RX300 NAV works (believe it!) I have the original disc so the maps are out of date, that’s OK. Problem: the “DEST” button (to input address info, etc) when I push it…nothing, menu fails to come up. DEST button doesn’t work but everything else on NAV, A/C, etc works fine.
Q: will updating the disc fix this?? If no, whats up ???

I seriously doubt it.

I think the “Dest” button is worn out. If you feel up to the challange, you might disassemble the dash to get to the Nav controls. Remove the Nav system piece with the Dest button and figure out how to remove the overlay so you can clean the contacts beneath the button in an attempt to make it work again.

I suggest surfing around in YouTube to find someone who made a video doing exactly what I described. It’ll take some time.

The alternative is a new Nav system head set IF it is still available from Lexus. Of possibly a service center that can repair it.

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Dear M-man,

Many thanks for the logical albeit disappointing reply. Much appreciated.


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