2018 Volkswagen Tiguan - Auto Stop Start

Is there a feature in this car that makes it shut down at every traffic light to save gas and if there is how do you override that

Are asking because you have a 2018 Tiguan or thinking about buying one ? If you have one the use and function of the ( Start / Stop feature ) will be in your owners manual . Or you can return to the dealer and have them show you how to turn it off .

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Read your owners manual or ask your salesperson or service advisor.
Most vehicles now employ an auto start/stop “feature”.

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Yes, the Tiguan did have that feature in 2018, at least on some trims. Here is what you need to know including the image of the override button. Just curious, why do you want to disable it? Are you towing?

All the 2018 VW Tiguan’s have this feature except base model (S) that uses a key in ignition. It works quite well.

If you want to cancel it (every time you turn on car) you click button around the gear shifter that looks like an (A) symbol.

Personally I really like the feature in my wife’s Tiguan and it does save a bit of fuel in start stop and weather is decent out (not too hot or cold because it disables itself then to keep AC or heat going).

The EPA numbers for the car probably assume that the auto-stop/start function is engaged, so it may not be possible to disable that function permanently; i.e. if it is even possible disable, you’ll have to disable each time you start the engine.

I don’t like auto stop/start. On my 2019 Acura MDX you can disable it by pressing a button every time you start the car. I have disabled auto stop start by turning the rear ac control to low and the rear blower to its lowest system. The theory is that the car will constantly call for ac and the engine will not stop, as that would stop the ac compressor. “Low” on the Acura ac control is below the lowest numerical setting and will continue to run regardless of temperature.
The front ac dual controls continue to work as designed, just no auto stop/start and the temperature in the rear with the blower at its lowest setting is no problem.

I think he left, but… push the A button each time you start the car.

I have a 2018 Tiguan and the stop start is awful, I was turning it off every time I get in. I got the Carista app and you can turn it off. You get one month free to use it, you buy the module.