2018 Ford F-150 - Disabling stop start

I have a new Ford F-150, 2018 model. It came with the Auto Start feature, which I understand is now mandatory on almost all new American models and most imports. This is a pain in the …neck. It requires me to turn it off every time I start or restart the ignition.

Apart from the fact that it creates a delay in moving forward after a stop for a traffic light or while in heavy traffic that comes to a standstill for more than thirty seconds or so, it also creates, I think, a hesitation in acceleration, something that can be dangerous in city driving, in particular. Moreover, I am always worried that there might be an ignition failure at some critical moment, leaving me stranded in an intersection or out on a busy freeway where traffic might be halted for traffic congestion or construction.

I want this turned off. The dealership’s service department says they cannot disengage it, by law. One mechanic there advised me that to do so would negate my warranty, as it’s connected to the emissions system.

There has to be some way around this annoying feature. It may be fine for those who drive casually to and from the Starbucks or something, but for those of us who really drive a lot, it’s more aggravating than almost any other feature that’s come out lately, and that’s saying a lot.

Any idea how to get rid of this stupid thing?

I suggest you don’t, but if you must mess with it,see the comments in this story:

If you want to turn off Start-Stop easily and reversibly, watch this:

Just takes a trailer test plug. If the truck thinks it has a trailer, it won’t stop the engine.