Defeating auto start/stop in 2017 Cadillac XT5

I am considering defeating the auto start/stop feature on my 2017 XT5. Anyone having any info. would be appreciated. Dealer says no way to do it. Hey it’s a computer. Shouldn’t be but a programming issue.

The first concern is will the defeating have any effect on your warranty. If you have a button to turn it off why can’t that become a normal routine just like pushing a garage opener button or changing a radio station.

Is IS nothing but a programming issue… but one with consequences to the manufacturer if his dealer defeats it. The dealer is not allowed to “re-engineer” the cars unless approved by the manufacturer.

Unfortunately, seems your XT-5 doesn’t have a button to disable this feature every time you drive it. The only way I’ve read to turn it off is to set the transmission to “sport mode” or “manual shift” mode every time you drive and keep it there.

There may be aftermarket sources who can defeat this permanently but a quick search didn’t find one.

What bothers you about it?

Yeah, doesn’t look like there’s an option to deactivate it. I’d get used to it, learn how to get it to act the way I wanted.

It worked perfectly seamlessly on a Chevy Cruze I rented a year or two ago. Has Cadillac not done it right?

Yeah, that’s what I did when I had a BMW rental in Austria. At first it was annoying, but I stopped focusing on the start/stop and it eventually became part of the background.

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Simple fix

@cdaquila Me thinks kkf44 is a Spammer .

But, even if he/she isn’t a spammer, I think that “modifying” a vehicle when it is still covered by the factory warranty is probably not a good idea.

This is the first time kkf44_151241 has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

Welcome, kkf44_151241 !

Me thinks? (Don’t you mean, “I think”?).

I’m curious. The link provided seems to be “on topic” and apparently offers a solution to the original problem that was presented. How do you determine this is a spammer, as opposed to welcoming a new contributor?

Now, on that I can agree!

Spam indicators:

  1. First time poster
  2. Older discussion
  3. Link to sell item

Might it be legit? Sure, but typically isn’t.

You could be correct, but I’m trying to give the benefit of the doubt to the new contributor, presumed innocence, rather than guilt and vigilante justice. The blurb says to welcome him/her.

I’ve seen links posted here before that help offer solutions to questions our contributors ask.
Now, if the link went to a wheel-cover or life insurance website, that would be a totally different story.

Rough crowd, I guess. :confounded: I suppose we’ll find out from Carolyn, soon.


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You are a generous soul. I’d go so far as to prevent first time posters from being allowed to share links.

That could work, too. I’m not even sure what the posting rules are. I tried finding them like I once could, but can’t find them.

That is actually the SOP with some other sites.
IIRC, City Data will not allow someone to post links until he/she has done at least 5 posts.

In addition, he just happens to have the exact same car, but a model year newer?? A lot companies hire people simply to make accounts on forums to spread links to their company to increase traffic to their page.

@cdaquila - Carolyn, what do you think? That would eliminate much of the spam we get.

Hi texases. Discourse does have trust levels built in to the program, and it places limits on how fast and how often someone can post upon registering, until they’ve been around a while and read a number of threads. I went in and checked and I don’t see a way for me to say when someone has reached a threshold when they can post links.

My thinking has evolved on the linking issue. I used to delete nearly every link that new people posted, but sometimes it’s not clear to me it’s all spam. The DSR leasing people? Definitely spam. But someone who shows up and says they own a Cadillac and used a particular product? I’d rather give the benefit of the doubt for a moment until proven otherwise.


Whether it’s spam or not, the link actually has links to general information on start stop and why the EPA is rewarding auto makers with these gadgets that save little but cost a lot. $300 to save maybe $50 a year depending on driving conditions less any repair costs. After reading about the devices, it might be easier just to unplug the hood ajar switch. At any rate you Californians are out of luck. They won’t ship and you can’t use it in that state.

I rented a Jeep and gotta tell you it was pretty irritating and I’d cringe every time the starter operated. Heavy duty starter or not, they all have their life span and replacement will not be cheap. All to humor the folks at EPA and their 1500 page law book. Makes you wonder who is working for who.