2018 Volkswagen Atlas thumping

Thumping sound from undercarriage at very low speed? Everyone hears it except for dealer…

Convince the dealer. Take the service writer for a ride, point out the sound, insist he fix your expensive new car under warranty.


If this dealership will not address your problem, go to another dealer if there is one around.

You can go to any VW dealer.


Could be a tire problem. Out of round, weird treadwear, etc. One simple thing to try , swap the tires around, see if you get any clues from that. New tires can still be defective.

… and if the dealer/dealers is/are of no help, then the OP needs to elevate his complaint to the corporate level. Contact info for VW of America can be found in the Owner’s Manual.

Go to the dealer and drive an identical one off the lot, confirm it’s an unusual noise, then show the dealer.

Look at the brake rotors, there is probably a dip in them due to prolonged sitting before it was delivered to the dealer. You should be able to see scoring on the rotor surface!

Thank for your suggestion.

The noise stopped after about 4 months/ 5,000 miles. I suspected that it was something that just needed to “break in”. Could very well have been the pads. They may have worn enough to stop the thumping noise.