Is it possible? stealing from the car trunk

Hey guys,

My aunt recently have her bag stolen from that car trunk when she was parked in front of a shopping mall. The interesting part of the story is, my uncle was sitting/sleeping/reading in the car for the whole time. So if there was any loud noise, or force entry, he would’ve notice (I hope). Additionally, there is no physical damages to the trunk.

Now here is my question: Is it even possible to open the trunk without a key and not leaving physical damage to the car?


Only if the person in the car is a sound sleeper.

Not like I am interesting in actually doing it, but how did they do it? And is there signs on the car I can look for if it did happen to her car?

Can I assume that the car is a Camry? What year? What model? Does it have a feature that allows the trunk to be opened with a FOB?

If it does not have a FOB trunk release feature, there’s no way anyone could have opened it except by pulling the inside release. However, that is possible if the occupant is sleeping soundly and the theif has huge cahunas. And long arms. Short of that, there’s really no way to do it.

It’s a 2005 Camry. It does have a FOB trunk release feature, but I think my aunt has it with her the whole time. I assume these FOB has unique code that is specific to the car rather than the model?

Maybe the item was not stolen from the trunk. Seems more plausible that it was stolen some other way, like being left on a car seat while the occupant was asleep etc.

That being the case, anything is possible. I’ve stuffed my keys in my pocket and triggered the intruder alarm system. Perhaps she stuck the FOB in her pocket and unknowingly unlocked the trunk.

Maybe she just misplaced it somewhere else? I’m having a hard time seeing a thief getting into a trunk while someone is in the car at the time. That would involve a string of weird coincidences.

On the other hand, there are only so many frequencies and maybe someone has figured out how to hit all of them in a few seconds time.
This can be done with home garage doors that are electrically operated. I won’t get specific here but will only say that with an extra remote and an Allen wrench it can be done in a few minutes.

Sweeping the frequencies is definitely doable, I have to do it with my TV remote every time I lose power in a storm, but my mind is overwhelmed by the idea that someone might actually do that in a parking lot hoping to “score”. There are easier ways for a theif to make a living. I agree that it was probably lost via some other method.

Most modern alarms are lots more sophisticated than they were years ago, when all you had was 8 dipswitches to set a code with.
The modern ones send sequences that have been agreed on by the fob and alarm when you pair them to an alarm system. Some of those sequences change (or ‘roll’) with every press of a button.
It is unlikely someone broke into the truck while rolling all different possibilities of codes because there are just too many of them.

Someone just left the trunk open, I bet.

Or left a window open. Reaching in through an open window to hit an electronic release (it’s on the dash, right?) is an easy task. Still, lots of kahunas there.

Did she just fill gas up before this. Maybe she pulled both the trunk and the gas tank lever and the trunk remained open. I have the same car, very easy to do.

“Did she just fill gas up before this. Maybe she pulled both the trunk and the gas tank lever and the trunk remained open. I have the same car, very easy to do.”

I like this one.

Your aunt might have left the trunk open when she put the purse in. She might have been in a hurry to do some Christmas shopping. It’s a hectic time of the year.

She went shopping without her purse? Hard to believe that happened. Usually, parking at the mall implies that shopping was done.

Yer Aunt didn’t like the purse; “Oh look, honey, someone stole my purse; we must shop a bit MORE;” or, Uncle thought if the purse is stolen, call it a day and we all go home; kiddin aside, either trunk was unlocked (brave thief), or the crook actually scarfed the purse at the gas station when she left it on the trunk and forgot about it; hmm…could’ve fallen offa the back of the car; I hope she had minimal losses out of this experience;