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2005 Toyota Camry auto-locking when outside of vehice

There’s a topic discussion on this, but unfortunately it’s closed. I feel an important point was missed however. I’m used to unlocking the door and next opening the truck with the fob when I have an arm full of groceries. The reason for this is so that I don’t accidentally toss the keys in the trunk, which I’ve done before. With the car unlocked, I’m assured that I can open the trunk manually from inside the car. However, the trunk doesn’t count like opening a side door and the car will automatically lock itself in 30 seconds. So, one must unlock the door, open and close it and then open the trunk. It’s an extra hoop to jump through to ensure that you don’t lock yourself out of the car. It would be best if the auto locking outside the car was something that could be disabled, but per the manual, it cannot.

The way my '05 Scion tC works is

  • I cannot lock the door and then exit with the engine running. It automatically unlocks as soon as I open the door. It can be locked with the engine running using the FOB from outside the car. It can then be unlocked again manually using a second hey.
  • if I unlock the car with the FOB from outside, I have a short time period (perhaps 3 to 5 seconds) to open either a door or the hatch before it locks itself back up. My hatch counts.

My suggestion, muleskinner, would be to carry a second key to unlock it. I always carry a second key in my change pocket.

I’m afraid I don’t understand how your keys would end up in your trunk. When they go from your pocket to your hand to unlock the car, why don’t they go right back in your pocket every time? In fact, when I had cars in the past where I had to press a button on the fob, I did that inside my pocket so that the keys never even left my pocket in the first place.

I have not tried this yet. What happens when you unlock twice with the fob? I have to do this or the hatch won’t open. I don’t know if you press once for a trunk. So, will the car autolock if you press twice?

Depends on the car. I’ve seen a number of different ways the manufacturers program their BCMs.

This post has me wondering. You stop the car, turn off engine (or motor if you prefer ) use button to unlock all doors get out use FOB to open truck and then close trunk. Doesn’t the car stay unlocked until you actually lock doors?
If I had to unlock a car every time I went out to the garage to go someplace that car would be gone.

My '03 Camry is similar.
The scenario, if I understand correctly, is upon returning to your car in the grocery store parking lot.

The car is already locked, trunk closed.

If you unlock the car doors but do not open one, they will time out and re-lock within the time it takes you to open the trunk and place your groceries in there.

It’s a pain and I have taken to opening a door and closing it just to prevent the timeout from happening.

I have a half dozen FOBs for various vehicles. I can’t remember which button is which between all of them. I have to actually look at it. So it’s out of my pocket and in my hand to open the doors/trunk. Even the most diligent person with an ingrained process can make a mistake and perhaps drop their keys into the trunk one time. I can see why the OP has this process in mind. Happened to my wife once and I had to drive 40 miles to rescue her with my spare key.

Speaking of which, my Camry came with a plastic key in a frame the size of a credit card for just such emergencies. I used to keep it in my wallet but last time I got a new one, left it out. Now I’m doomed to lock my keys in the car!!!