2018 RAM 2500 - uneven tire wear

front tires wear more on outside on 2018 ram 2500 dealer tells me its in spec anyone else had this problem?

My 4X4 experienced slight feathering, within specs on alignment. Increased tire pressure by 3 PSI, even wear, no feathering. This MIGHT be something to try.

Steer tires tend to wear in the shoulders and drive tires tend to wear in the center. So what you are experiencing is perfectly normal. You just need to rotate tires to keep the wear even.

Or are you saying the outside shoulder is wearing more than the inside shoulder? If so, then I suspect that the alignment spec is wrong - or at least the tolerance is too wide.

I read it as excess wear on the outside of the tires as one would expect from too much toe-in.
An alternate option for the OP is to go to an alignment specialist and pay for an alignment out of pocket.

Or if you drive like my wife, high speed cornering.


Are these the original tires that came with the truck?

My experience has shown that I get the worst wear on the first set of tires- I’ve always figured that the manufacturers put lower quality tires on the vehicles that what I would choose. I get a good set of tires on it, and all is better.

that and Goodyear truck tires wear all kinds of funny.