2015 RAM 2500 - Here's why your Ram may have a steering issue

I bought my RAM 2500 new after driving a couple hundred miles I noticed the steering wheel was not centered. I went under the truck and found the nut on the drag link was loose and the drag link had unscrewed slightly So I just jacked up the truck and centered the steering wheel and tightened. Toward the end of the first year, I took the truck to a RAM dealer in Washington and had them fix it. I’m not sure what they did as I haven’t looked at it. The steering wheel has stayed centered. I haven’t been able to do anything about the water pump, but I haven’t run low on coolant yet. I had the catalytic convertor changed out on recall and a cable for the B/U camera at the same time. No other problems with it except the tires, 21,000 miles and 2 separated. The tires on your new truck only have 1 month warranty.

Pretty sure that you are wrong about that . Also this is not a 2015 is it ? You have a water pump problem and you are not doing anything about it . That is just asking for trouble.

All that typing and not asking about anything. Typical, typical, typical.

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I presume OP is relating the first 7 years of their Ram truck overall owner experience. Thanks for the feedback, might be useful to others. Overall the 2500 seems to be getting pretty good marks. OP is apparently referring to another post about a prior water-pump problem. We here at Car Talk forums cannot view that, suggest to repost here if pertinent.

A steering wheel can be off center either b/c the starring rack isn’t adjusted properly, or it is misplaced on the steering column, or some combination of the two.