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2016 RAM 3500 tire wear

I’ve got a 2016 Ram 3500 dually. I have had to replace the front tires twice now since I bought it, the right front tire is wearing bald on the outside edge and the left front is wearing on the inside edge. Took it to my dealer I bought it from and they say the alignment is good that there is nothing wrong, has anyone else had this problem and what did you do to fix it!!!

Does it pull to the left and is the steering wheel straight?

It didn’t pull either direction. The steering wheel stays striaght

Randy Atchley

You could take it to an independent shop that specializes in front end work and alignments, of course that you will have to pay for.
You can vary your tire pressure. I have a 4X4 with slight festering of the outside edge of the left front tire that alignment did not help, went 3 PSI over pressure recommended on door jam placard—no more feathering.

High speed left hand turns ?
Or a lot more left hand turns than right hand turns ?
Or a lot of really tight left hand turns, like when pulling into a parking space ?

Do you drive on the highway a lot? In the right ane? If yes to both, it could be the crown of the road causing the wear.