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2018 RAM 1500 - Touch screen issues

Fail on my part for not getting an extended warranty, but I did not expect this many issues before 100K Miles. This one specifically is the touch screen display looking as if bubbles are forming underneath or as if a layer is separating… Essentially, the touch screen seems to think someone is constantly touching a specific spot, and making it constantly change between functions. Bluetooth is unusable, I can play the radio but must immediately change the menu to Navigation. The dealership, Southfork Dodge, has not been overly helpful. Although they stated it was a common problem and gave me a number to call, that department wouldn’t provide any help due to lack of warranty.

I assume you have more than 36k on the truck, which would explain why it’s out of the bumper-to-bumper warranty. Your best bet is to go to a car stereo shop and have the unit replaced. It’ll probably be better and cheaper than a dealer replacement.