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2017 RAM 1500 - thump and jump

I have 2017 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi 8 speed tranny, Lone Star Silver edition. When braking coming to a stop, there is thump and the truck feels as though it jumps forward a little. This happens every time I’m stopping the truck. Been happening since 12’000 miles.

What does the dealer say about it?

One common reason is sticking driveshaft to trans tailshaft. Pull driveshaft, inspect splines and re-grease. You might suggest this to dealer repair shop if they can’t seem to find cause.

Could be the trans shifting into first kind of hard. Maybe there is a software update. Warranty should cover it. Check trans fluid level following the procedure in the manual.

Dealer Replaced Boot Kit-drive shaft. Dealer found popping noise in drive line lube/replaced the boot. Got a second appointment Monday to reevaluate.

Got a second appointment to reevaluate. Dealer replaced a drive shaft boot assembly first time , not a fix.

Keep receipts from every visit to the dealer. You paid a lot of money for your truck and it should run right all the time. Check on line for lemon law requirements in your state and make sure you comply so that if the dealer can’t fix it in the prescribed number of tries, they owe you a new truck. I’m not saying you have a lemon, but you need to be ready just in case. It turns out the dealer is a lot more attentative if they get a notice from FCA that you requested a new truck.

I keep files on all my vehicles. Thanks for the reminder with this.

thanks for the input. This kind of data is what I need to get to the bottom of this.

Did this issue ever get fixed?

I have the same problem, just had my valve body replaced, and im still getting the “bump”

I’ve been having a problem with this clonking and bumping noise since day one (over a year). When I take it to a dealership and do the test drive with the tech, the truck doesn’t make a sound during test. This tells me they are doing a temporary fix to satisfy the test, because when I leave and within hours, the problem returns. I wrote the (CEO) dodge ram and got a call from his executive secretary. Because there is no official input from these dealers that there is a problem, there is nothing they can do. I’m not finished with this action and will keep everyone posted.