2018 Nissan Titan Problems- anyone else have a lot of them?

I’ve had many issues with my 2018 Titan SD.
Has anyone else had a lot of problems with or service issues?
It has 80,000 km on it. There are tons of paint chips on the hood and side of the vehicle. You just look at the truck and the paint chips. I’ve had many vehicles and have never had this problem. No need to argue that one as they will deny any responsibility…
I also have rust just above the windshield. Took it to the dealership and they said it was caused by a rock chip, but there is obviously no chip and the paint is bubbling from the inside out. I’ve taken it to three body shops and they have all said that there is no damage to the outside and that it is rusting from the inside out. The warranty clearly states that it is covered if the corrosion is from the inside outward. My next step is to phone Nissan myself and send the proofs and quotes by registered mail. Not sure I’ll get anywhere as they seem to always deflect the responsibility.
I’ve also had tons of other problems with the truck. It’s been to the shop every Friday this summer. The fan coupler was changed twice, an alternator, throttle body, five different sensors to do with a fuel bank code (for nothing), as it was actually the ecm that needed an update. ( still waiting to see if that actually fixed it…) two headlight lenses as they have condensation (still waiting for Nissan to approve that one) every parking sensor and a rear harness, (a couple were changed twice) one of the mechanics spilled something on the air filter and it got sucked into the chamber near the mass air flow sensor and they didn’t change the sensor.(the second dealership i went to noticed this one) they installed a new torque converter and then a new transmission when it was actually the fan coupler that was the issue. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few things. Oh, the complete exhaust system and then the gaskets at the catalytic converters because for some reason they hadn’t installed new ones when they changed the pipes. The truck has run like crap all summer as the fuel mixture was off. I’m almost sure there will be repercussions with the catalytic converters and who knows what else.
The latest problem is that the truck hardly turns over at times when starting it hot. This happens intermittently. Mechanic thinks it’s the starter, but I need to wait for Nissan engineers to get back to them….
Last time I ever buy a Nissan, not that they seem to care. The two dealerships that I’ve gone to don’t really seem to be able to diagnose anything properly and they treat me like I’m a pain in the a— because i want the truck to get fixed properly…

Nissan has been in financial trouble for many years.

And it shows in what was once a reliable, well built truck.


You are obviously never going to be happy with this vehicle going forward. Why not simply trade it in on something you may be more satisfied with? Life is too short to put up with all the grief!


Would love to. I hate the thought of paying 13% HST again and the interest rates are high right now. There’s also the fact that I’m still paying for it and I would never be able to sell it as it never runs well long enough to sell. I would also never get what it should be worth on a trade in. I keep thinking that eventually, there will be so many new parts on it, that it will be fixed permanently. I think a big part of the problem is the dealerships either soaking Nissan or they don’t have a clue how to repair it. It will definitely go when the warranty and extended warranty are almost up….

Pretty common complaint here for many makes. Dealership shops seem definitely challenged by the newer highly computerized vehicle designs these days. See below.

The windshield seal may be leaking in that area. Ask if they could apply a bead of windshield seal product as a temporary solution.

Paint seems to be a pretty common complaint here on newer vehicles of most makes. Especially on the lighter color paints. Likely has to do with new gov’t required paint formulations to reduce air pollution.

This is a another common complain we hear here for many makes of newer vehicles.

An expected consequence of the newer highly computerized vehicles. The shop staff have to be computer experts as well as nuts & bolts mechanics, a skill combo hard for the shop managers to find & hire.

The fuel mixture problem may be caused by directly by the exhaust leaks.

I expect the mechanic is correct. Suggest however that before replacing starter motor, mechanic first verify the voltages are within spec for cranking at the starter motor’s terminals when key is in “start”.

So what’s a truck owner to do these days? Other than purchasing an older vehicle with a less complex design, about the only mitigations possible are to only buy options you absolutely need, and to choose a manual transmission, if you have a choice.