2014 Nissan Versa paint is chipping

hi! I own a Nissan Versa Note 2014 ( blue… ) and the paint is dangerously chipping.
Am I the only one?

Paint failure does not qualify as ’ dangerous ’ . Are you the only one , who knows . But you are out of the warranty period so don’t expect any help from Nissan .


How often do you wash/wax the vehicle?


Twice a year :laughing:

If you do lots of highway driving this will happen. You need to buy automotive touch-up paint in the correct color for your car - look to the internet, Nissan dealer or auto parts store - and touch up those chips as soon as you see them. Properly done, it will keep the spot from rusting and look better, too.

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The amount of grit and pebbles that are thrown-up by the tires of 18 wheelers–and especially by the very large dump trucks whose mud flaps always seem to be at least 18 inches too short–will cause any car that is frequently driven on a highway to develop chips in the paint, especially on the hood and the leading edge of the roof.

Rather than being a brand-specific problem, this is simply the reality of highway driving, and the OP should touch-up the chips as soon as possible in order to avoid rust problems.

You are not the only one with Nissan paint problems, it is a common sight, you might need a gallon of touch-up paint and a roller.

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:laughing::laughing: eh boy.

I will buy paint then

Are you saying you are going to paint this car yourself ? Maybe you should contact a detail shop and a local paint shop first. I can almost guarantee a do it your self paint job by someone who has never done it is going to look terrible.