2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 paint chips

i have a pearl white 2013 Chevy silverado 1500 LTZ.it has developed paint chips above the windshield and has grown into a good size chip… would this be under a GM warranty?

You can ask but don’t count on it . If you bought this new maybe the selling dealer might be able to help .

So you didn’t do your part and touch the chip up when it occurred and let it get worse?

I’ll say this will not be covered under warranty. Better get some touch-up paint right away and touch it up before it gets even worse.

Chips are from running into flung up road debris/stones. Warranty doesn’t cover such damage and you should be fixing it as fast as you notice them. Bubbles would be a different story…

You should ask a bodyshop to repair your stone chips because most people do it wrong and the rust will eventually comes back.You need to remove all the rust and paint flakes with a sharp pocket knife, sand the area carefully with corse sandpaper,prep the area with wax and grease remover before priming and painting the chips.

I suspect that the OP is talking about peeling paint like the Silverado in the picture below, not stone chips and rust. It seems that GM has not offered a warranty extension on this problem but the OP may want to ask the manufacture.

Peeling maybe if you are nice to the dealer, but rock chips no. In my view anyway from my little corner of the world. Yes I agree with @COROLLAGUY1 guy on taking care of them before they rust but a word of caution on rust removal. Sanding or sometimes grinding off rust can actually overlay the rust with metal and hide it. Sand blasting or chemical acid treatment followed by two part epoxy primer is what I have done in the past.

Does GM’s warranty last six years? Does it cover normal wear and tear? How often did you wax the truck?

I don’t think GM should be expected to cover this. I consider it wear and tear since I see this kind of wear on many work trucks and full-size vans.

I agree! this is the only way to keep rust from coming back.I use my mini sandblasting tool for larger chips and some rust converter acids to treat the area before priming.