2018 Nissan Rogue - Diesel detective

my wife has a 2018 model Nissan Rogue S, awd, last year, Dec. 31st 2018 she decided to fill up her vehicle from a local gas pump station. I found a printed receipt indicated she had fil from a pump station #4 much later after I did a self check of common known symptoms, that may have been causing the vehicle to stall.
labeled diesel. and had a fill of 12. 9 gallons.
I believe she had accidently filled her vehicle gas tank with diesel fuel instead of regular 87 octane gasoline.
she had just enough gas to run her back to work. there after, she tried to restart her vehicle without success. the engine just puttered and pucked with a short sputter. and that is all she explained.
I tried to restart the vehicle without success since. the engine would crank, but will not start.
I changed the fuel pump, and still no go.
the vehicle is still under warranty. What do I do? Can most vehicle dealers still accept this type of small maintenance repairs and account for the other engine diagnosis and future repairs?

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The dealer will charge between 2 hours and 8 hours of labor to drain the tank and add gasoline, it depends on the integrity and competency of the technician.


Your detective work is very impressive! We get a lot of posts where folks “think” they may have put diesel in, or know they did. You figured it out. Very cool. Good luck!

You are gonna pay for this. It is not a warranty claim. The tank needs to be drained and the lines flushed at the very least.


Although this car has apparently been sitting for a year and a half, did you go back to the station and see if they still have the wrong nozzle on that pump? If so, you should complain to the station owner so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Why would someone let a new vehicle set this long without having it fixed ?


You did drain the tank first right? I mean changing the fuel pump when the tank is still full of diesel isn’t going to help anything.

Well… maybe, maybe not. Your engine’s warranty status may or not be in effect after your wife’s blunder.

If you were trying to DYI this. What I would’ve done was drop the fuel tank, empty it, clean it out, replace the fuel filter(s), replace the fuel pump (might not be needed). unhook the fuel rail, put gas in the tank, run the fuel pump to purge the fuel lines, once gas starts coming of of the fuel rail, hook everything back up and see if it will start. If it fails to start, then start replacing fuel injectors.

Note: I’m not a professional mechanic.

Alternatively you can have the vehicle towed to a mechanic of your choosing, explain what happened, and then just pay for the repair.

The dealership can certainly fix this. However you will be on the hook for the repair costs as this was not an issue of the vehicle having a defect. As for future repairs as it relates to warranty coverage. This wouldn’t effect most things. But at the same time, they may or may not cover a defect that they can trace back to this incident.

I think that when you looked at this problem you chose incorrectly at what should have been changed. A tank full of 50/50 Gasoline and Diesel…or the fuel pump… You chose to change the pump which was working btw… You should have chosen to change what the pump was pumping… the fuel.

I’m having a difficult time understanding the logic here.

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possibly OP replaced the fuel pump and THEN found the receipt for the diesel? I can kinda read that into the original post, although it is a bit confusing.

@cpsmith- gotta get the diesel out of the tank before this thing will start, or before you can start diagnosing if anything else is in need of repair.

How is this even possible? Where I live Diesel nozzles won’t fit in a Gas engine filler neck.

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Because someone drove off with the diesel nozzle still in their car/truck,

The station owner had an extra unleaded nozzle in the back room,

And not wanting to lose diesel sales, put the unleaded nozzle on the diesel pump.

There is no law as to what size nozzle goes on an automotive diesel pump, just a law as what size nozzle goes on an unleaded pump.