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Diesel is my gasoline tank

I’ve just read this blog post. [] My Ford Fivehundred was almost empty when I filled it and I drove about 10 miles before it started sputtering and finally shutdown. I was able to maneuver safely to the side of the road and attempted to restart the engine. I was able to restart the engine after a few attempts and let the engine idle a minute or three until i noticed what appeared to be smoke surrounding my car. Fearing death by carbon monoxide poisoning I shutdown the car. My Question is: will the fact_that I allowed the engine to idle allow the diesel to have reached the catalytic converter?_

Yes, your whole fuel system is contaminated. Whether or not permanent damage to the catalytic converters, I don’t know but would suspect they are. Be prepared for many $$$$ to fix your car.

I thought diesel nozzles would not fit into a gas filler neck.

I should note that filling my gasoline tank with diesel was not my fault. The station in witch I filled my tank does not serve diesel. After finding out from my mechanic (several hours latter) I called the filling station. Of course the attendant denied this was possible as they do not serve diesel. I politely explained that I already knew that was calling only to inform them so they could check the fuel and prevent others from my fate.

The place you may have gotten diesel fuel should have a corporate office, that is who you should call.

you may want to go back to the station with a jug and witnesses to get a sample from that pump. Now you have grounds for a lawsuit (small claims court) to recover the many thousands of dollars you will spend to repair your car.

Or perhaps a notarized statement from your mechanic who tested the fuel will be enough.

I will do that first thing Monday morning, thanks.

I plan on speaking to a lawyer Monday morning, I will ask if I should do that.

You can do it now, just take a small gas can like you were buying fuel for your lawn mower.

Good suggestion, now I just need to get a ride to the filling station. :yum:

don’t forget a witness. Note time and date.

for a good chain of evidence, have the witness keep the container and take it to be tested.

another good suggestion, whom ever I get to take my there I will ask to be my witness, thanks.

There are probably a lot of dead cars around the gas station if they got diesel by mistake. I would try going through the company first, We have heard on this board stories of companies paying for repairs in similar stories.

Why are you so sure the station had diesel fuel by mistake?

Don’t take this the wrong way, but there are plenty of other reasons why a car can stall

When you go for the fuel sample, along with the witness, be sure to save the receipt from the pump.

He said his mechanic checked it. (presumably checked the tank)

i am indeed trusting my mechanics word that there is diesel fuel in the tank.

The fuel was most likely mixed with gasoline and diesel. The station is right off the interstate and stays busy. Also with the increased traffic from the holiday they most likely have increased deliveries of fuel to the station.

When Costco experienced a similar contamination situation at some of their stations a couple of years ago, they voluntarily covered the entire repair cost for anyone who had their vehicle damaged by the unexpected diesel fuel coming from a gas pump. If your gas station’s home office can match the actions of Costco, I think that you should be very grateful–and very surprised.

I would not be surprised, I would demand it if they screwed up my car. :lemon:

A few months ago, I saw a story on the TV news about a fuel delivery error made at a gas station. Diesel fuel was poured into the underground tank that was meant for regular gasoline.