Accidentally put diesel in my 2018 Nissan Rogue - help!

I put diesel in a new 2018 car that runs on gas. The car drove about three minutes from the gas station to my house and when I tried to go out again it wouldn’t work. I know that everything is probably messed up and there is no auto services open at this time. If the diesel stays in over night till when I can take it to the shop will it cause more damages? Ugh I so stressed please help!

It will have to be towed not driven to shop . Just setting overnight will not make things worse. How did you do this? The diesel nozzle is not supposed to fit in the gas vehicle.


@Bianca16 , what state do you live in???

Just wondering, because in Wisconsin the nozzle would not fit and you would have Diesel all over the ground as soon as you pulled the handle.


Except that a couple days ago some one drove off with the diesel nozzle still in the tank,
And it was the stations only diesel pump, so the station owner did the only thing he could to continue selling diesel, he put an unleaded nozzle on the pump.

I would try to get the station owner to pay for the repairs.

Ultimately, you should have spotted the mistake when you chose to select what fuel, but maybe the owner will help you out.
I presume there is some violation by the station owner with state regulations…maybe Federal as well???


Have it towed (not driven; don’t start the engine) to either the dealer or a independent shop of your choice.

I suspect they’ll have to drain and/or drop the tank to remove the fuel mixture.

Unfortunately, this won’t be a warranty repair. Sorry.

My friend’s wife happen to fill her CR-V with diesel and to drive for almost 10 miles before it fell dead on her, guessing why it runs so badly… she filled less than half a tank and it was probably what let it run for some time

anyway, when he asked HOW she was able to do that, since the nozzle indeed does not fit here in Virginia, she said she was puzzled why it did not get in, so she had to keep it pressed against the inlet to keep fuel flowing :neutral_face:

anyway, that CR-V was serving them well for few more years, but they received a hefty bill from mechanic who was fixing it

unfortunately she drove it home from the gas station. @Bianca16 you’re going to have to have it towed to the dealership and they’re going to have to drop the tank and clean it out. They’re going to have to drain out and clean all of the fuel lines too most likely. @ledhed75 is correct, this won’t be a warranty repair so you’ll be paying out of pocket