2018 Nissan Murano shudders at 1000 rpm

2018 Murano - anytime you allow the RPM to drop or settle to 1000 you get a vibration or shudder like the CVT is struggling to maintain the speed. Car has 12k miles. Drove a 2019 and the same occurs ??

That is your question? We wouldn’t know, we didn’t drive it. Did it do the same?

The car is under warranty, take it to your dealer and let them deal with it. If they say “They ALL do that” then apparently you proved they do.

So what is your question?

That’s called “Lugging the Engine” I can’t think of any car that will maintain road speeds at those low of RPM’s

It-s-me - I have a corvette that runs at 70 mph and the RPM is just above 1000 and it doesnt lug the engine. I would think the Murano should do the same thing. But you have a valid point … maybe this car is lugging the engine. I will try a few things and see if anything changes. Dealer doesnt have a clue !! Hey thanks for your answer !!!

In theory the CVT should change ratios on the fly. If you touch the accelerator pedal the RPMs should shoot up. By design a CVT won’t hold a ratio when there is a load on the engine.

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Checking the transmission fluid level makes sense. Also ask the dealership if there are any software updates available for the powertrain. Nissan CVT’s seem to be a little more problematic than some of the other popular brands, at least by the posts we get here. If test drives of other Murano’s at the dealership show the same thing, it may be something you just have to live with. I’d expect some lugging at 1000 rpm myself with an econobox engine. Comparing a Murano to a Corvette, doubtful helpful info is gleaned from that comparison.

The Murano has the 3.5L VQ V6, it’s what they use in the Maxima and used in the 350Z, it’s a not an econobox engine. I’m curious as to why the transmission seems to be trying to hold a ratio like a typical automatic would when the torque converter locks up.

My cvt never does that

The vehicle operator can shift transmission into a “manual mode” and make the CVT to stay in certain preset ratio.

2012 Altima I used to own would allow to “overshift” in manual mode, where you switch to manual (virtual gears anyways) and by the current speed it decides for example about “4”, and then you can make it to go to “5” or even “6”, at which point some lugging was noticeable, but eventually electronics overrides the [stupid] operator if one presses on the gas or brakes.

not sure that is a fair comparison- to either the Murano nor the Vette…

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Thanks for the response George !! Have taken to dealer and they have cked software and fluid and tell me it is what it is ?? Drove a new 2019 Murano the it does the same at around 1000k RPM. Seems like the design is to come back to 1000k when the speed is somewhat constant !! Does not happen when you are moving the gas paddle or accelerating. Im stumped !! Hate to have to trade as I like the car otherwise …Its very annoying.

“Trading it” will have a great financial hit as the majority of car depreciation happens in “early years”.
Nissan is known to have a very steep depreciation dive initially, making it even worse.
If you are so much annoyed by this car, sell it private party - at least it will be lesser financial loss.

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Thank you … you are smart ! I will have to revisit my thinking. If the hit is too large I may just have keep and look at my options later! Thanks again, I appreciate it :))

not sure it xmitted ?

What does that sentence mean ?